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Refractory materials – installation and planning

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Design And Refractory Lining – Supply And Installation Of Abrasion Resistal Materials
Supply Of Special Shaped Refractory – Specialized Refractory Installation

40 years of experience in the refractory industry.

Our experience in refractory field enable us to operate with the utmost care, technology and expertise in various fields of application such as: cement, lime, metallurgy for reheating furnaces, lamination and heat treatment, aluminum furnaces, incinerators, glass furnace, chemicals and petrochemicals.

Starting from the initial consultancy and the supply of the material, to the planning and installation of the system.

We make every effort to provide to our customer:


Reliability and competence, established also in International markets, allowed us to be partner of leading European plants well-advanced both in techniques and technologies of installation as well as in marketing high-quality refractory materials.

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