Lime and cement plant

Tertiary duct, cyclons, dopol furnaces, rotary kiln, meal chutes, calciners, slide gates, tertiary air valves, kiln hood, calciners.


Refractory: Walking beam furnaces, pusher furnaces, walking hearth furnace, re-heating furnaces.
Ceramic: raw materials transporting pipes for EAF, flushing.


Zinc pots, cladding, thermical treatments, galvanizing plants

Chemical – petrolchemical

Transfer line, silos, steam reformer, forni carbonblack furnaces.

Incineration and energy

RSU diabatic furnaces, Lolla incineritor furnaces, TLR Plants, boilers.


Melting furnaces, holding furnacis, homogenization, pit furnaces, meltin pots, rotary kilns.

Glass plant

Basins, channels, muffles, feeders, regenerators.

Clay brick plant

Tunnel furnaces, car bottom furnaces