Our History

SIPRA formed by the merger of 2 companies, operating in refractory since 1984, thus we are proud of our 30 years of experience in this field.

We have a relevant operating structure, using of technical resources instrumental forefront , with a highly qualified workforce, specializing in the planning and installation of refractory materials for various kind of plants.
We offer services to different industry sectors.

When required, we are able to organize fixing interventions in a short time, guaranteeing high-quality performances, fully complying with all the relevant security measures.

Operating segments

We operate with the utmost care, technology and expertise in various fields of application, such as: cement, lime, metallurgy for reheating furnaces, lamination and heat treatment, aluminum furnaces, incinerators, glass furnace, chemicals and petrochemicals.


We put the maximum attention into the planning of each work-site providing and activating procedures for the recovery and recycling of waste.
In accordance with the customer we agree to identify and apply the regulations to minimize the environmental impact.


We strive to take all the preventive measures to make healthy and safe workplaces in order to avoid or minimize work-related risks.

Using protective equipment and training and information, we provide a reasonable degree of prevention against the possibility of a dangerous event for the health of those who do it.


Customer satisfaction is our main objective: the creation, starting from the beginning of a clear and serene collaboration is our first prerogative.

The correctness and reliability in carrying out our activities, together with the attention to the customer’s needs, are the features that sets us apart.

We make every effort to provide to our customer: